Prenatal Yoga

Practising yoga whilst pregnant is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby. Using therapeutic yoga practices helps to alleviate the aches and discomforts that can occur as your pregnancy progresses.

Breathing practices and guided relaxations help to boost energy and keep you calm as you face the changes ahead.

We are not currently running a prenatal yoga class, however, we offer two general gentle yoga classes which you are welcome to join.  Yoga instructor Jo Davey is a prenatal yoga teacher and will help you to adapt the yoga postures to suit your pregnancy needs.

Please note that you need to be 14 weeks pregnant to join these classes and please let Jo know that you are pregnant when you arrive.



Mondays 6 to 7pm Vinyasa Flow - Beginners Gentle Flow Yoga with Jo
Thursdays 10am to 11.15am All Levels Yoga with Jo

Jo Davey

Jo is a certified 500 hour, fully insured teacher with over 10 years' of experience. Jo has experience of many styles of yoga; Ashtanga, Sun Power, Yin, Restorative, Hot Yoga and for the last ten years, Jivamukti Yoga, under the guiding hand of Andrea Kwiatkowski.  Her teaching draws upon all these influences. 

Jo’s practice continues to evolve as life takes its twists and turns. Yoga has provided her with a strength and comfort ever since she first tried a class, and she looks forward to sharing the benefits of the practice with you. 

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When Can I Start Pre-Natal Yoga? 

  • You can begin practicing from 14 weeks

  • It's a good idea to discuss attending classes with your midwife - if she hasn't already suggested you finding a class.

Classes are gentle, effective and safe.

  • Key practices focus on breathing for labour, for relaxation, and well-being.

  • Pelvic floor exercises.

  • Relaxation, allowing you to form a bond with your baby.

  • A very nurturing and relaxing experience

How does it Help?

  • Promotes strength and suppleness through gentle stretching.

  • Improves energy levels and reduces fatigue.

  • It can also help to calm you, helping you to sleep more soundly.

  • The breathing practices improve energy levels, relieving stress and tension and can be of particular benefit during the stages of labour

Did You Know?

Yoga classes are covered by the category of antenatal appointments which means that full-time employed women are legally entitled to paid time off to antenatal care which may include yoga and relaxation. Please refer to and see  “Time off for antenatal care”