Upcoming Retreats


A lot can happen when we slow down and invite in inner awareness,  to be in the company of satsang, a community of like minded people, who support each other on their own unique paths.  The comments below come from participants in my past retreats.

“Just a lovely day with warm friendly people. No pressure and accessible even without any prior experience”

“Just to slow down time, as the day passed tooooooo quickly!”

“You create a fantastic sense of community Grace. I always come away feeling refreshed, energized and grateful for spending time with others”

“I took so much away from the retreat, it really has had a huge impact on my life. I've learnt how to truly let go and relax and will take this away with me into my day to day life. Grace is an amazing yoga teacher, she is so kind and caring and extremely passionate. The accommodation is so homely and cosy, the staff were extremely helpful and made us feel at home and like nothing was too much trouble. The raw vegan food was beautifully prepared and delicious, it was great to experience a different way of eating and I will also take this away with me and incorporate it into my own nutrition at home. I came away feeling relaxed and renewed which I was so desperately in need of. Thank you for a wonderful experience and for the chance to spend time with some lovely like minded people.”

 “Grace planned the perfect retreat with just the right balance of activity and relaxation time.”


Create the room to breathe, the space to explore your heart, mind and body, to relax deeply and return from the retreat with the sense you have returned home to yourself